Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

​Foster excellence in youth by facilitating artistic, cultural, and personal development through choral education and performance.

Our Vision

​Build a vibrant community of life-long supporters of the arts who experience impactful transformational moments through singing.

Our Core Values

​Education |  Music education is our foundation. Choristers develop musical literacy, self-confidence, a strong work ethic, and personal responsibility. PCC fosters life-long musicianship, encouraging choristers in their musical pursuits.

Community | Being a part of PCC unites us. Our choristers are a part of something bigger than themselves. Together, we create and achieve in ways that we cannot do alone. Choristers develop an understanding that they are supported and that they in turn support others. Each person’s contribution is vital to our success.

Diversity |  Uniqueness is powerful and our differences make us stronger. Learning to see things through multiple perspectives expands our world view. We promote developing acceptance and eliminating discrimination.

Excellence  | Being the best is no accident. We purposefully strive for excellence in every aspect of our program. Each chorister experiences a personal and communal sense of pride in making excellence a habit.

Joy |  Singing, learning, building community, and reaching our goals is fun! The experiences every chorister has with PCC cultivates self-worth and a sense of accomplishment that they carry for the rest of their lives.